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Maybe it's Time to live. [entries|friends|calendar]
Mr. E's Beautiful Freaks

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Fresh Blood [25 Aug 2006|01:06am]

[ mood | content ]

Hi, I'm a recent Eels-inductee (my companion is a *huge* fan, and now (of course) so am I). I just wanted to introduce myself (Following the last 'intro' post: Maddy, 26-almost 27, Canadian).


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Sexy eels bag on eBay! [13 Feb 2006|10:32pm]

So, my girlfriend loves Eels and she loves to paint and often she combines the two and makes pretty bags, such as this one

So come on folks, like the description says it really is one of a kind - bid now and get your hands on something special. I have seen it with my own eyes and it is beautiful. BID NOW!!!

(x-posted to eels and belovedmonsters - apologies to members of both!)
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EELS with strings live DVD! [14 Nov 2005|07:06pm]

Live DVD + CD of the EELS concert in New York on June 30th will both be released on February 21st 2006. :D

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Hi everybody... [28 Sep 2005|01:01pm]

Wow, an Eels community that people actually post in! Kickass. Hi, I'm Gord, 22, Scottish. Likes the eels, hates raisins. How is everybody doing?
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... [31 Aug 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello. I just joined this community, and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Christine, and I'm from Littleton, MA. The Eels just happen to be my favorite band, and Beautiful Freak is my favorite album by them. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. If you want to chat, hit me up on aim: christinesaywhat.

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Bootleggs [08 Aug 2005|10:03pm]

I recently downloaded a collection of Beautiful Freak songs played live that are all soundboard and the best of the best. If anyone wants it contact me on AIM thatsplunkintalk and I can get it to you.

Jon Burger
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a request, and a reflection on a concert. [07 Jul 2005|04:12pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

3 crappy pictures from Eels With Strings in Somerville, MassachusettsCollapse )
So, I got to see Eels with Strings in Somerville, Massachusetts a couple o' weeks ago... It was freakin' amazing! It was the best show I've ever seen, I think. I went by myself, and was really nervous about that 'cause I've never really been to a decent-sized show by myself, but I had such a blast! It was amazing. It was the first time I'd seen Eels live, and I'm hoping it's the first of many.

Now for my request, I was wondering if anyone had the MP3s or WMAs of Baby Genius and/or Efil's God. I'm trying to burn myself a copy of Electro-Shock Blues 'cause I have it somewhere but currently can't find it, and I wanted to make my friend a copy for his birthday tomorrow. I made him one of Beautiful Freak, but I really wanted to give him ESB, 'cause I frickin' love ESB. If ya do, it'd be wicked helpful and very much appreciated, if I had anything you wanted, I'd be glad to trade. You can IM me at Currys Kitten. Thank you!!


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(Sorry about that last one, the cut didn't work) [18 Jun 2005|12:11am]

My Concert Experience (seattle)Collapse )
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Eels Concert Experience [17 Jun 2005|11:53pm]

<lj-cut text="My Eels concert experience (Seattle)> The show was absolutely fantastic! Instead of an opening art they played this Russian claymation art film. It was pretty cute, I liked it a lot. Mr. E came on at about 8:40. It was probably the most beautiful live music I have ever heard. I was incredibly impressed! I managed to get 2nd row. We came early and I am aggressive and sneaky when it comes to getting seats. Mark Everett was really funny and witty. Definitely more entertaining than most lead singers. “The last time we played here was probably before you guys were born. It was in the 1900’s. Nineteen-hundred and ninety-two to be exact” *laughter* “Those were good times, but I don’t really remember them. Much better than this. Freedom, drugs. You should ask your parents about it. This song is probably from before you guys were born, too. Your parents probably played it on a boom box. it’s even possible they played it the night you were conceived.” E forgot the words to “Spunky”, and asked if anyone in the audience knew the next line. Some girl shouted out the next line and he invited her on the stage to sing it for him. She was kind of shy but she did it. She got muchos applause, probably more than the whole band. “Trouble with dreams” was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Here’s the sneaky part. They were like “I know, normally we say we’re going to play one more song and then come back and play cat and mouse and make you guys beg for more. We Didn’t invent this game, but I must admit we like to play it occasionally. we’re very very greedy. But not tonight. We have places to be… somewhere. We have our pajamas all laid out on our bunks in the bus… those of us who wear pajamas, anyway.” *stares at the Chet” “You know what I mean. But not tonight! Absolutely not! You know we want to stay here and play for you all night, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE! This will <I>absolutely</I> be out last song!” So they play a song, we cheer a hell of a lot and they do en encore. They leave, we cheer a hell of a lot more and they do ANOTHER enchore. Then the house lights come on and we all leave. I was nearly at the door when I heard them come on again. They came on in their Pajamas and played 2 more song!!! They probably did another one after we left! Christ! Those pranksters! Man, if I was more resourceful I’d totally drive down to Vancouver to see it again. </lj-cut>
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[16 Jun 2005|01:10pm]

I was at the Eels American tour opener at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and all I got was this lousy LiveJournal Post...Collapse )
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Hello lovely Eels fans! [12 Jun 2005|11:47pm]

[ mood | confused ]

A. Is anyone going to the show in Somerville on 6/29? If so, are you psyched or what? Yeeeah!
B. Does anyone know where on earth the Somerville Theatre is if you get off The T at Davis Square? Do you know if it's close or anything?

I am really excited for the show, I'm hoping I'm not scheduled to work that day, and if I am, I'm gonna have to switch with someone. That should be something.

Thank you.


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Silly [04 Jun 2005|09:23pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I had a piece of Bazooka Joe gum for the first time in a looooong time today. My fortune? "The mailman will be the most important person in your life next week". My first thought? "I bet my eels tickets are coming next week!". Haha. Can you tell my excitement is reaching a fever pitch? ;o)

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later... [29 May 2005|04:54pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Did anyone else see Eels on Later with Jools Holland the other night? They rocked.

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FINALLY getting to see the eels [28 May 2005|05:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I bought my tickets yesterday for the show in Indianapolis, IN on the 23rd of June. I don't think I've been this excited for a show. Ever. It's going to be amazing :o)

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Tickets [26 May 2005|01:32pm]

Any Norwegian Eels fans looking for tickets for the Eels with strings show in Oslo? I can help you out, as I've got one extra ticket. :)
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eels at Vicar St. Dublin. May 18th 2005 [19 May 2005|08:50pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Well I just got back from the eels gig in Dublin. Was amazing, had fantastic seats, will try and upload a coupla photos later, but they're kinda dark and blurry, I didn't want to use the flash 'cos I was in E's direct line of sight and didn't want to distract him. Plus I didn't want to spend the whole concert taking photos, just wanted to get absorbed in the music. It's all a blur at the mo', I can remember being on the verge of tears listening to Dead of Winter, there was extra emotion in his voice for that one. Anyway, if anyway wants to ask about it feel free, I'm just kinda zonked right now. I did pick up a cool "eels with strings," t-shirt and the KCRW CD which I'm listening to right now.

It's hard to laugh as you choke

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so this is who I am - lol [12 May 2005|11:18pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

You are That's Not Really Funny

You are a fun person to be around because of
your sense of humour. And although you may not
think so, it is really funny and so are

What eels song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Other Revelations [12 May 2005|10:26pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm going to see Eels play in Dublin on Wednesday!! Huzzah! Oh and hi everyone, I just joined. Eels are the last of my fav bands that I have to see live. Looks like I'm going to get the tickets for free and maybe, just maybe get into the VIP area. Today looked like it was gonna be kinda sucky and lo and behold I've found a new verve.

Handily iJournal automatically detects what song I'm listening to from iTunes so it saves me a good 5 seconds of typing, time I've wasted by typing this sentence it turns out.

My losing streak is done...

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Snuggy? [02 May 2005|11:32pm]

Does anybody know the significance of the Snuggy gravestone as seen with the Blinking Lights stuff, such as in the new "Hey Man" video? Perhaps there is no significance...
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hurray ! [02 May 2005|09:00pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

my cd came in the mail today, along with shirt and poster. the disc is amazing! i made my friends listen to it way loud in the Mazda when i drove them home today, thankfully they both really liked it. oh man, i am on a total Eels high. seriously, i cant put the shirt down. i'll probably be wearing it for the next like... 80 billion hours. (sorry if i start to smell!)

although, i cant seem to rip it onto my computer, is anyone else having similar problems?

haha, its totally just because im dumb. but i thought i'd ask anyway.

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